There are over 7,000 recruitment agencies in Australia and deciding which one is right for your particular role can be challenging. With our platform you simply post a job, set your own fee and get a shortlist of specialist recruiters in hours.

No need to call lots of agencies, get different quotes and different terms. Just post your job, get a shortlist of recruiters, view their profiles and reviews and pick who you want to work with.
This saves stacks of time and ensures you’re connecting with the right specialist for the role.

A traditional online Jobs Board, such as SEEK, costs per posting whilst Sourcr is completely free to post. In jobs board you’re only targeting the active market, those currently looking for a job who happen to be looking at that page at that particular moment.

Sourcr allows you to connect with professional recruiters who can target the passive candidate market. They have a wide range of pre-vetted candidates who they can expertly suggest based on the job description and company culture.

Well for employers it’s absolutely free. You only pay the recruitment fee you agreed with the recruiter, there’s no extra charge for using our platform.

We generate revenue by retaining a percentage of the recruitment fee. Recruiters sacrifice a small percentage of the fee in return for the opportunity to work on the role. They want to spend more time recruiting not hunting for work!

A search type defines what the recruiter will do to find a candidate and what agreement you have in place. We have two search types on Sourcr, exclusive and network search.

With an exclusive search, you engage one recruiter to work on the role. Your recruitment partner will spend time learning about you and your business, and then conduct a thorough search of the market. You still only pay should you make a successful hire.

With a network search, you can engage multiple recruiters to source candidates. You only pay a fee to the recruiter that successfully hires the candidate. The recruiters will take a job brief and reach out to candidates in their immediate network. They won’t conduct a thorough search of the market as it does not make commercial sense to do so.

For most roles we recommend using the exclusive search option. For some of the more junior roles, it may be suitable to use the network search. The Sourcr account managers are here to help if you’re unsure which option to use.

As soon as you’ve briefed the recruiter on the role, they can start submitting candidates. We’ve had candidates submitted the same day! For more senior roles, you should allow a little more time for the recruiter to search the market. Your recruiter will give you an expected timeframe to conduct the search.

All candidates have a 60 day replacement guarantee. So if the candidate leaves within 60 days of the start date, your recruiter will find a replacement. We also hold all placement fees on escrow, so if you’re unhappy with the service from your recruiter, you can find another one through out platform.

We have a wide range of recruitment specialists on the platform and there’s likely to be a specialist for most job roles. Some of the more popular job categories are technology, marketing, sales, finance and administration.

We currently support the hiring of any permanent employees or employees you would like to hire on a fixed term contract. We do not currently support the hiring of temporary workers, such as those on an hourly or daily rate. We are currently working on a solution for this.

No. We hide the contact details on employers until you engage a recruiter to work on a role. Our platform gives recruiters an online avenue to find work so there’s no need for them to cold call.

In 2019, it makes much more sense to base your purchasing decision off reviews and data and not off a sales pitch on a cold call. On our platform, recruiters apply to you and you can make an informed decision about who to use.

Recruiters submit a registration form to join our platform and we hold a phone screen with each before approving their account.

We review their LinkedIn, website and any online reviews prior to the call and we’re ex-recruiters too so it’s easy to identify non-genuine recruiters.

We reject about 20% of applications. Plus our online review platform allows us to monitor the performance of each recruiter.

A wide range! We’ve supported multi-national organisations, family businesses and start-ups. If you need to use a recruiter, we can help.

We built Sourcr as a stand alone platform, to cater to the needs of businesses who may not have their own expensive software. You can do everything you need to on our platform.

At the same time, we recognise that some businesses may want to integrate our solution into their exisiting HR systems. We have our first integration planned for Q1 2018 and more lined up for next year. If you would like a custom integration you can contact us at

Sourcr is modern way to grow your business without the need to cold call. On our platform, you can view a list of jobs that employers want to engage an agency to work on and simply apply. This model allows you to spend less time cold calling and more time recruiting.

A search type defines the expectation of what you need to do as part of your search and what agreement you have in place with the employer. We have two search types on Sourcr, exclusive and network search.

With an exclusive search, you are engaged exclusively to work on the role. You should spend time learning about the employer and then conduct a thorough search of the market.

>With a network search, employers can engage multiple recruiters to source candidates. Only the recruiter that successfully hires the candidate is paid the fee. You don’t need to conduct a thorough search of the market, simply brief candidates within your immediate network.

For most roles we strongly encourage employers to use the exclusive search option. For some of the more junior roles, it may be suitable to use the network search.

Sourcr is completely free to join and use. We only generate revenue when the employer pays a fee and we retain 20%.

Our platform provides a simpler way for you to connect with new clients. The 20% goes towards the on-going development of the platform and business development to generate new leads.

Absolutely. We’re big advocates of the gig economy and we’ve got some exceptional freelancers our platform with decades of recruitment experience. You must have a minimum of two years experience in a client facing recruitment role and be available to work in core business hours.

Submit an application form using the link on our website. One of our team will be in touch to let you know the outcome of your application. If successful, a senior member of your team will need to go through a phone screen with our account team. This gives us an opportunity to get to know you better and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions on how the platform works.

We hold all placement fees on escrow until the end of the candidates 60 day guarantee period. We remit your fee within 5 days of this. We did a lot of research prior to launching Sourcr and one of the big frustrations of clients was outstanding credit notes. This model gives back some control to clients and encourages them to use boutique agencies.

Of course! We know it’s critical for you to speak with employers and we don’t want to change that. The difference with our model is the negotiation is completely done online, so when you talk, the focus is only on learning about the client and the role.

We don’t want this to become a race to the bottom in relation to fees. If we allowed a bidding model, the focus could shift on to which recruiters are cheapest, not which is the right specialist for a role. We have taken measures to ensure the fees are reasonable.

The minimum fee an employer can set is 10% of first year salary. Our smallest fee has been $7,000 and our biggest $29,000.

There are many types of roles. We’ve had everything from receptionists and telesales up to general managers and heads of department. The lowest salary package has been $60,000 and the highest $220,000.

You do! We’re not trying to create our own database or collect data. You absolutely have ownership of the candidates submitted. In relation to candidate ownership when submitting to employers, our terms state your ownership rights are for 6 months from submission or the employers last contact with the candidate.

We’ve got a mix of 70+ consultant agencies, small boutiques and freelancers. What they all have in common are experienced consultants that are specialists in a particular area.