Who We Are

As founders of Sourcr, the seed of the idea was sown during chats about our own experiences – as a recruiter and an employer respectively – and the difficulties we encountered from those different sides of the fence.

We’d noticed a fundamental disconnect: while recruiters were spending a lot of their time trying to find work, employers were struggling to find good recruiters. We spoke to other employers and recruiters and found that we weren’t alone in our frustrations.

So, blending technology with human interaction, we created a platform to bridge this gap.


What We’re About

We’re about getting more people employed. We’re about recognising excellent recruiters. And we’re about making it easier for employers to find these great recruiters.

We believe Sourcr can be the missing piece in the recruitment puzzle. Providing a simple, user-friendly platform and excellent service to our members is our top priority, so we’re constantly listening, learning and adapting.

We’re here to shake up the system, and we’re in this for the long haul.


Our Values

Say What You Mean

We always have the best interests of our members front of mind. We’re genuine, internally and externally, so we can cut to the chase and make a positive impact.

Listen, Learn, Adapt … Repeat

We will thrive by our ability to be humble, value feedback and adapt where necessary to create solutions our members not only use, but love.

Always Act Long Term

We will resist the temptation to think short term. We will sacrifice short term gains to ensure long term success.

Be Unconventional, Be Bold

We are here to challenge the status quo and sustainably grow through adding value to our members and those they impact.

Pivot or Persevere, but Never Give Up

We understand that life is full of challenges and we embrace them head on. Always focus on the destination, but be prepared to change the journey.

Meet the founders


James is a co-founder of Sourcr and a former recruiter.

James built his career with a global recruitment firm, eventually managing three specialist divisions. His industry knowledge and networks will be key to driving the growth of Sourcr.

After moving to Australia four years ago, he spends his time outside of work making the most of the Aussie outdoors.



Chris is a co-founder of Sourcr and a former employer.

After spending several years supporting start-ups from a finance and investment standpoint, Chris decided to create his own. His previous experience in early stage businesses will help Sourcr grow and achieve its goal of being the world’s best recruitment marketplace.

Outside of work he is a fan of all sports, especially soccer, and loves to travel and experience the unfamiliar.


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