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“Sourcr have introduced me to new recruitment agencies who are well regarded within their area of expertise. Not only have I had great success in finding the right candidates for our vacancies but the impressive range of recruiters that they work with are highly professional and experienced. I would highly recommend you give it a go!”

Nicky Tanatad, Talent Acquisition Manager, Specsavers

“My experience of working with Sourcr has been very positive. The website is easy to navigate and allows for simple candidate management. Working with Sourcr has enabled me to work with a great new client, on live roles, without the need to spend time marketing and negotiating fees, allowing me to focus on developing a positive relationship with the client and sourcing great candidates for their business.”

Corrine Viveiros, Senior Consultant, Retail Therapy Recruiting

“Having not used a recruiter before I was unsure what to do or who to use. Sourcr made it really simple – I just posted a job at a fee I was happy with and had applications from recruiters straight away. Both recruiters I spoke with knew the industry really well and we hired a new BDM within a month. The platform is easy to use and not having to haggle with recruiters made things much simpler. I’ll definitely be back.”

Karl Chiverton, Director, Fatra Australia

“We’d been looking for a Sales Consultant for weeks with no success. I posted the job on Sourcr and had agencies engaged the same day. We received 8 candidates and made an offer to two. The process was really simple and we’ll definitely be using Sourcr again.”

Shauna Meneilly, Sales & Customer Service Manager, GoLights